Music Studio Albums

Holding up the Sky Original pop music about life, love, hope, loss, and discovery. Created by the songwriting team that met in high school years ago, reunite with this, their debut album collaboration. Lyrics by Katie Sage, music and performances by Zane Kuchera. That’s Katie’s son, Elijah on the album cover. The songbook sheet music for piano and voice is available in my store on this website.

Stage Work 2 Contemporary instrumental songs uniquely rhythmic and varied, which was intended for a new musical that was never produced. The album cover shows Zane playfully grabbing his daughter, Alexandria, on a beach in Provincetown during Family Week. Music and performances by Zane Kuchera. The songbook sheet music for piano is available in my store on this website.

Film Work Wildly diverse music for film cues, from full orchestral works intended as underscore for film cues ranging between comedy and horror, to gently sung songs in the forefront of a film cue without dialog; the montage. A rollercoaster of 29 tracks worth of music for film and TV. Music and performances by Zane Kuchera. The orchestral conductor’s score songbook for some of the film cues is available in my store on this website.

Scary Night Train This instrumental single would have been used in the opening scene for a musical, setting the stage for a train slowly entering a small town on a dark and stormy night, giving foreshadowing to the drama that awaits. Scary.

Horror House Perfect for Halloween, I wrote this instrumental song as an assignment in my MIDI class at Berklee College of Music in 2004, and it contains creaking doors, footsteps in the dark, gun shots, werewolves, orchestra hits and organ stabs. Fun.

Stage Work My first full instrumental score for a complete musical. Sadly never produced for stage. Shortly after my semesters on the Berklee campus, I spent the next 2 years part-time writing these 20 songs to existing lyrics from book, varying dramatically in emotion and instrumentation; some R&B, Jazz, Pop, and classical. I am very proud of these harmonically rich compositions. A little possessed by Stephen Sondheim, Stephen Schwartz, and Burt Bacharach. The songbook sheet music for piano is available in my store on this website. The album cover is a photo of my 2 year old daughter, Alexandria, sitting on the bench of my Kawai baby grand piano, playing for daddy.

Showcase 22 tracks of songs arranged and recorded in my Waltham recording studio by these brilliantly talented artists; Martha Rogers, Amy Syd, Jenee Halstead, Elena J, Rachel Katz, Zola, Jon Gilbert Leavitt and Wayne Fritsche. Yes, I’m in there too with a few songs. With none of these recordings released, and with that much pent-up talent, I released them as a promotional vehicle to get that music out to the public. However, music sharing and downloading had just become a thing, and independent CD stores didn’t know how to categorize and sell a CD with varied genre and songwriters.

Shakespeare I was approached by a director needing original contemporary music using Shakespeare’s words and lyrics for an outdoor musical production of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”, sort of like a “Shakespeare in the park” kind of thing, except it was set around a gazebo in Boston Metro-west. For their fifth anniversary show, the Gazebo Players of Medfield were putting on a little summertime Shakespeare in the park. This album contains all of the tracks used in the performances, including both sung (by me), instrumentals, and interludes. The songbook sheet music for piano and voice is available in my store on this website.

Patterns This is my first album released to the general public. Released in 2002, it contains my original music and recorded performances spanning 1980-2000, and includes some of my first songs ever written. The lyrics contain themes of love, loss, commitment, betrayal, and forgiveness.