Music Producer

Zane has an extensive portfolio as a Music Producer that includes:


2019 Producer, Performing Artist, Composer, and Arranger for the music CD “Holding up the Sky”, lyrics by Katie Sage


2010 Producer of the music single “Lonely Boy”, by Jamie Murphy


2009 Producer, Composer, and Arranger for the music CD “In The Light – Angelic Invocations”, a meditation CD by Pam Trosino

2009 Producer and Arranger for the music CD “Singing To Learn” – an educational music CD by the Lexington School System


2008 Producer for the music CD “Singer/Songwriter Showcase Volume I” featuring Zola, Elena J, Amy Syd, Jon Gilbert Leavitt, Rachel Katz, Zane Kuchera, Jenee Halstead, Martha Rogers, and Wayne Fritsche


2006 Producer for the music CD “Girl In The Picture Frame”, by Rachel Katz


2006 Producer for the music CD “An Arm Full of Flowers”, by Amy Syd


2003 Mastering Engineer for “Zola’s Jollypop Stagecoach” music CD by Zola Shuman