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Listen to Zane’s latest Jazz song “There’s A Way“, lyrics by Katie Sage, music and performance by Zane Kuchera.


  • I love the music melody and chord parts on One to care ,  followed by the voices inside verse …. and later the remembering verse ….” – Z. Shuman (Songwriter/Performer)
  • “Beautiful words/sentiment, lovely melody and performance!” – H. Auerbach, PhD.
  • “… Soothing.” – M. Kirk
  • “Very Chick Corea!” – K. Cameron S.
  • “Very pretty and a haunting melody…” – Rick K.

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Zane has recently composed and recorded an original song called “Dream Ago“. Lyrics by Katie Sage, music and performance by Zane Kuchera.


  • “This is really cool, Zane.  My ears instantly perked up at the second chord.  You have such a wonderful way of serving up something harmonically unexpected that makes me want to hear more.  And there were several times where I think the phrase crossed the barline with some kind of hemiola or stretched out beat.  That has the same effect of drawing me in.  I LOVED your harmony at the end.  It has just enough dissonance to evoke a sense of another place and time. “ – M. Rogers (Music Educator/Songwriter)

Zane Kuchera Studios has a new location and a new look! Check it out here.

Listen to Zane’s original songs in their entirety as playlists on SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/zanekuchera/sets)

Here’s Zane’s recent song called “Everything We Are“, words by Katie Sage.

Zane has recorded an original dance/EDM song called “Tradewinds“. Lyrics by Katie Sage, music and performance by Zane Kuchera.


  • “Love both lyrics and music. Really like this and I believe you found the soul of the song with music” – Judy Appel, Mystic Fish Blog (Mysticfish.info)
  • “Well done! Nice catchy hook on chorus – bravo!” – Zola, Tulip Productions (zola.us/Singer/Songwriter)
  • “Zane, these songs are both so rich and full.  I just listened once so far and I’m moved again by what a difference in your music when you have a good lyricist.  The phrasing makes sense.  The chord progressions and the places of resonance or tension have meaning within the message of the text so the music and the lyrics work together.  It’s really cool to hear you get to use your abundant talents with someone who can match your level of experience and skill.  Keep going!” – M. Rogers (Music Educator/Songwriter)

Zane has just released his new album “Holding up the Sky”. There are full band arrangements for these emotional and thoughtful singer/songwriter adult contemporary pop songs. Lyrics by Katie Sage, music and performance by Zane Kuchera. This songwriting team began in 1978. Pure synergy.

The piano/vocal PDF score songbook is available for download at Holding Up The Sky songbook in my Store .

The Holding Up The Sky physical CD in a shrink-wrapped case is manufactured to order and shipped to your address at: Kunaki

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Zane Kuchera Multimedia Production & Design uses technology, engineering, and innovation to integrate the artistic and scientific worlds of audio and visual media, providing rich and compelling sensory experiences.

Zane holds a Master Certificate from Berklee College of Music in Orchestration for Film and TV, writes for full orchestra and band, and has recorded music available in many music libraries throughout the world for music supervisors to license. He has also composed several theatre musicals and several potential TV advertisements, documentaries, and independent films.

As a Music Producer and Recording Engineer, Zane produces local musicians and  arranges, mixes, and masters their albums. Zane also teaches music composition, piano, and voice.

Contact Zane for more information: 617-765-4893 / mail@zanekuchera.com