Zane composed, arranged, and performed all of the music in these video clips. Full orchestral and band ensembles.

Composer and recording artist Zane Kuchera produced the following 18 songs with collaborators from around the world in 2021. This video is a 30 second preview for each of these songs

Letters In A Book – Adult Contemporary (AC). We are collectively greater than the sum or our parts. Words and video: Bogi Taylor, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

Let In The Breezy – Pop. Your life begins when you step out of your comfort zone. Words and video: Bogi Taylor, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

Chasing Tomorrow – Pop. Is everyday the same or are we looking for that unique moment where we can reflect upon it as being special? Will tomorrow be that day? Words: Ron Paul, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 

Tiny Stars – Pop. A Disney-like song about reaching for the stars, your miracles and fantasies. Words by a young woman from Hungary, Bogi Taylor, music & performance by a Berklee College of Music graduate, Zane Kuchera

Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” – But Winter and Rough Weather (4 minutes)

Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” – Wedding Is Great Juno’s Crown (2 minutes)

Berklee College of Music Counterpoint Class Final Project (1 minute)

Berklee College of Music Orchestration Course Final Project (5 minutes)

Music Video: Don’t Need To Be Right (Feat: Elena J) (3 minutes)