LILY is a new period play with music. Set in 1900, the leading lady is in her late 30s.

The show is a one-act and will run a little over an hour.  Two of these songs are sung by the lead, Lily, another is sung the the young Maid, and a fourth by the Concierge of the hotel, which could be played by a man or a woman.  A fifth song is sung by the leading man, Mark.

Synopsis of LILY – inspired by the status of artists in the year 1900. Set at the turn of the 20th century, a one act play about an actress who attempts suicide after being betrayed by her cruel lover. Lily successfully recovers and begins writing novels. Her new lover Mark, a painter, also feels betrayed -- by the art world. Apparently moved by Lily's story, Mark convinces Lily that together they can overcome the trauma in their lives for a new chance at happiness. But is Mark all he seems to be?
The bios for Martha Patterson and Zane Kuchera are contained on the first page of the book.  The vocals were performed by a Boston singer named Elena Joyner.