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Zane Kuchera

Zane Kuchera is a contemporary songwriter, composer and orchestrator. He holds a Master Certificate from Berklee College of Music in Orchestration for Film & TV, and arranges for large orchestral and smaller contemporary Pop/Jazz/R&B ensembles.

Zane has written music available in music libraries throughout the world for TV & film music supervisors to license for synchronization. He has also composed several theatrical musicals, and contributed to several placements for TV advertisements, documentaries, and independent films.

As a Music Producer and Recording Engineer, Zane assists musicians with arranging, mixing, and mastering their album releases in his recording studio. Zane teaches music theory, songwriting, piano, and voice.

As an ASCAP music publisher and writer, he is Zane Kuchera Music and his music is published on all of the top music streaming services, including Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and AMI Entertainment.

  • This SoundCloud playlist always includes 30 second previews of my newest songs.


10/29/21 PREVIEW Zane Kuchera Music releases Don’t Even Want To Try
(Vocal/Instrumental/Backing tracks)
Pop/Adult Contemporary. Remembering what love was like for you and I in days gone by. Words: Christopher Wisdom, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

10/17/21 Zane Kuchera Music released Christmas Was Here
(Vocal/Instrumental tracks)
Holiday/Pop/AC. “Won’t it be the merriest of times when there’s peace in our hearts and carols that rhyme?”. Original pop contemporary Christmas holiday song accompanied by a full orchestra. Words: David M. Murray, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

10/9/21 Zane Kuchera Music releases The Only Home I Know
(Vocal/Backing/Instrumental tracks)
Pop/AC. “Losing the home you have grown up in and then having the once in a lifetime opportunity to buy the house back in later years with your love and starting a new life in that home”. Words: Suzanne Carroll, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

10/8/21 Zane Kuchera Music released Fourth and Vine
(Vocal/Backing/Instrumental tracks)
Cabaret/AC. “A tear ran down my face, I was frozen in my tracks, seeing you on the corner like that, without the guts to act”. Words: David M. Murray, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

10/5/21 Zane Kuchera 2021 Music Demo Reel video

Zane Kuchera 2021 Music Demo Reel

10/4/21 Zane Kuchera Music released In Love’s Power To Hold
(Vocal/Backing/Instrumental tracks)
Pop/AC. “Gripped to entwine, moments defined in loves power to hold, captured in chains, never disdained in loves power to hold”. Words: Ron Paul, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

8/18/21 Zane Kuchera Music released Inner True – EP
(Vocal/Karaoke/Instrumental versions)
Easy Listening/AC. “Finding the meaning in one’s own life despite the buzz of the outside world”. Words: Katie Sage, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

8/9/21 Zane Kuchera Music released Holdin’ On – EP
(Vocal/Karaoke/Instrumental versions)
Pop/AC. “The crossroads where newfound independence meets reality”. Words: Keith Gilman, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

8/3/21 Zane Kuchera Music released Lavender Fields (A Skeptic’s Love Song) – EP
(Vocal/Karaoke/Instrumental versions)
Pop/AC. ” Trying to find the fine line between being logical and cautious, and being cynical and afraid to trust”. Words: Tate-Madison Bell, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

7/18/21 Zane Kuchera Music released Letters In A Book – EP
(Vocal/Karaoke/Instrumental versions)
Pop/AC. “We are collectively greater than the sum of our parts”. Words: Bogi Taylor, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

7/16/21 Official Lyric Video for “Letters In A Book”
Lyrics & lyric video by Bogi Taylor, music & performance by Zane Kuchera

Letters In A Book – Official Lyric Video

6/30/21 Official Lyric Video for “Let In The Breezy”
Lyrics & video by Bogi Taylor

Let In The Breezy – Official Lyric Video

6/8/21 Here’s my physical CDs manufactured and shipped to order

6/5/21 Zane Kuchera Music released Involved 2020 – album
Focusing on the Jazz/Pop/AC music compositions and small ensemble arrangements, this new album “Involved 2020” contains all instrumental versions of the 20 songs I created during the 2020 isolating world pandemic. I got involved with lyricists living all over the world, including the UK, Australia, Canada, Hungary, Ireland, India, New York City, Washington, Idaho, and California, and wrote more music than ever before.
Jazz/Pop/Soundtrack/AC. Music & performance: Zane Kuchera

6/1/21 My very own YouTube channel

5/28/21 All my music in 1 place! Yay! Have a listen...

5/14/21 Zane Kuchera Music released Let In The Breezy – EP
(Vocal/Karaoke/Instrumental versions)
Pop/AC. “Your life begins when you step out of your comfort zone”. Words: Bogi Taylor, music & performance: Zane Kuchera


  • “Zane’s unique music and production creativity is shown off here in this song’s gorgeous instrumental intro, middle and outro  riffs, and in its  pretty melodic verses that are enhanced by Zane’s sweet vocal tones in his interpretation of  Bogi Taylor’s Breezy lyrics” – Zola (Music Producer) 5/21
  • “My favorite part of the whole song is how you switched the rhythm from ternary to binary beat to embody the lyrics’ summons to ‘get up out of your chair…”  It is so cool.  I literally felt edgy where I was sitting before I even could hear the exact lyrics or knew what you were doing rhythmically.  Then I went back to figure out how you did that.  In the whole song you manage to melodically and harmonically subtly convey the longing and the imperative to take a risk. ” – Martha Rogers (Music Education Professional) 5/21
  • “Absolutely beautiful. The lyrics and the melody melded so perfectly and what a beautiful message reminded me of a Disney song in the best sense.  A Positive inspirational song loved it!!!” – Elaine Mata Jones (Composer/Performing Artist) 5/21
  • “Kuchera drives the song ever onward with unresolved chords which show that letting the breeze in is good for a stagnant, stubborn soul. “ – Bonnie MacLeod (Pianist/Composer/Cabaret Artist) 5/21

4/2/21 Zane Kuchera Music released Somewhere – single
Pop/AC. Filled with good feelings and a jazzy rhythm, and lyrics like “Before me are the reasons, a window to my future, forever in my heart”. Words: John Longmuir, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 

4/2/21 Zane Kuchera Music released Chasing Tomorrow – single
Pop/AC. “Is everyday the same or are we looking for that unique moment where we can reflect upon it as being special? Will tomorrow be that day?”. Words: Ron Paul, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 

3/29/21 Zane Kuchera Music video released Chasing Tomorrow
Pop/AC music video. “Is everyday the same or are we looking for that unique moment where we can reflect upon it as being special? Will tomorrow be that day?”. Words: Ron Paul, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 

Chasing Tomorrow Music Video

2/19/21 Zane Kuchera Music released Tearing Apart – single
With lyrics like “Don’t Play Me The Way That You Do”… dynamic songwriting team from the US and UK perform a story about lovers tearing apart with the hopes of new starts. Gentle piano and strings accompaniment. Pop/Folk/Country/AC. Words by Ron Paul, music & performance by Zane Kuchera

2/12/21 Zane Kuchera Music released Someday – single
Pop/R&B. “A lover who has a Jekyll/Hyde personality… but it’s complicated”.. Words: Keith Gilman, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

1/22/21 Zane Kuchera Music released Where Do You Go? – single
Uptempo Pop/R&B. “Has she been cheating on me behind my back? Distance is not always a matter of feet and inches”. Words: Keith Gilman, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

1/15/21 Zane Kuchera Music released Breaking News – single
Pop/Folk/Country/Cabaret. “A husband just learned, after a drunken stupor, that he’s becoming a father”. Gentle guitar/string section. Words by Ron Paul, music & performance by Zane Kuchera

1/13/21 Zane Kuchera Music released Breaking News (Acoustic) – single
Pop/Folk/Country/Cabaret. “A husband just learned, after a drunken stupor, that he’s becoming a father”. Gentle guitar/string section. Words by Ron Paul, music & performance by Zane Kuchera

1/1/21 Zane Kuchera music video released Tiny Stars – single
Pop. “A Disney-like song about reaching for the stars, your miracles and fantasies”. Words by a young woman from Hungary, Bogi Taylor, music & performance by a Berklee College of Music graduate, Zane Kuchera

1/10/21 Tiny Stars – music video by Bogi Taylor


Katie Cameron Sage

“Zane Kuchera ... fun and sensitive to the subtle nuances of lyrical expression as it fit the music ... and ... has a natural flair for ability to create Film Score background ...” - musician
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Jamie Murphy

“Zane Kuchera is a talented, conscientious, music producer/writer/ recording engineer. I hired Zane a number of times to produce/record my original songs. Zane is skilled in music production and has a professional attitude to match. I would not hesitate to recommend Zane for a variety of creative musical projects, including scoring for jingles and film/video.” - songwriter
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David Logan-Morrow

"Zane worked with me composing the music for the five songs William Shakespeare wrote for his play, AS YOU LIKE IT. Unlike some composers, Zane readily understood what was needed and went about the task without flinching! Working with Zane was indeed a pleasure and I'd do it again in a heartbeat ... music is unique, beautiful, powerful, personal and...
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Melissa Li

"You were professional, experienced, skilled, and extraordinarily reliable. You were familiar and confident with your work, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you. Not to mention you were friendly, supportive, and easy to work with! I highly recommend you for any type of composition, transcribing, or notation work" - playwright
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Wayne Fritsche

"I was so pleased to witness Zane's debut as a solo cabaret singer at Amazing Things this week. Zane is a true delight as a person: kind and gentle and compassionate with a well of emotions that is both deep and very near the surface. These words could also be used to describe him as a performer. In a set...
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Tulip Songs International

“An engaging performance where Zane, with his tall and handsome elegance, peers into your soul with his clear blue eyes and caresses you with his warm soothing vocals. He delivers the song directly to your heart from his with a beautiful balance of raw emotion infused with passion and musical technique.” - publisher
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Elaine Orsillo

“Zane is a knowledgeable passionate teacher. What I enjoy most is his willingness to gear his lessons to your needs as a student, often asking you what you are more interested in studying or where you feel your weaknesses are. He is always ready to answer your questions, and his enthusiasm and love of teaching is apparent from the first...
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Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"In every song, Zane wears his heart on his sleeve, and it's a gorgeous heart. Zane's strong tenor rings out with understated candor" - publication
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Amazing Things Arts Center

"Zane Kuchera sings with conviction - allowing the words to come through him and have meaning for him and the audience. His lovely tenor voice is a pleasure to hear." ... "You were absolutely wonderful - so open, so sincere, so communicative, so real. And you sang beautifully. Thank you for a splendid evening." - performance venue
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Gazebo Players of Medfield

“The Shakespeare production of "As You Like It" was memorable for the original music composed by Zane Kuchera. Shakespeare's script is punctuated with many songs, and Composer Kuchera set Shakespeare's words to music, allowing the cast to sing Shakespeare's words as well as say them” - publication
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David Morrow

"I spent the morning listening to the songs on this CD. In a few words (well, more than a few) Mr. Kuchera's music is unique, beautiful, powerful, personal and moving. When a singer can open up his soul and share his feelings with people he's never met -- that's an artist. These are not merely lyrics set to music. They...
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Richard Wayne

Zane’s studio is polished, professional, and high-tech, but also comfortable and welcoming a singer’s dream, much like Zane himself.  Highly recommended!” - actor
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Jon Gilbert Leavitt

“I’ve known Zane Kuchera for close to two decades now through music collaboration and composition, and his insight and skills have only gotten better over time. Although a formal musical education is an important asset, to have the ear, and have the gift of music from the soul and be able to convey that to other artists’ projects is a unique talent....
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”Zane Kuchera  has many years of experience working as a composer, arranger and music producer on projects for clients worldwide.  His technical, sound engineering  and music theory knowledge, paired with his many years of practical experience in the studio is an asset to any songwriter, vocalist and musician and that, together with his patience and easy manner, makes him a...
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Martha Rogers

“After working with Zane for 17 years I have more to say than can fit into a short recommendation.  Zane has a rare mix of talents that set him apart from many professional studio producers.  He is both a teacher and a follower, an expert and a learner, a highly experienced musician and a lifelong student of music’s fundamentals, an...
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Amy Syd Babcock

“What I like most about Zane Kuchera is he has the perfect combination of technical expertise, musical insight and sweetness of temper.  His studio is so comfortable and professional, but what always drew me the most was how personable he is.  He’s kind and considerate, a good listener and truly cares about people and their musical vision.  It’s a winning...
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  • This SoundCloud playlist includes my song collaboration with Elena J. She’s on vocals, I’m the band.


  1. “I love the music melody and chord parts on One to care ,  followed by the voices inside verse …. and later the remembering verse ….” – Z. Shuman (Songwriter/Performer)
  2. “Beautiful words/sentiment, lovely melody and performance!” – H. Auerbach, PhD.
  3. … Soothing.” – M. Kirk
  4. Very Chick Corea!” – K. Cameron S.
  5. Very pretty and a haunting melody…” – Rick K.
  6. “This is really cool, Zane.  My ears instantly perked up at the second chord.  You have such a wonderful way of serving up something harmonically unexpected that makes me want to hear more.  And there were several times where I think the phrase crossed the barline with some kind of hemiola or stretched out beat.  That has the same effect of drawing me in.  I LOVED your harmony at the end.  It has just enough dissonance to evoke a sense of another place and time. “ – M. Rogers (Music Educator/Songwriter)
  7. “Love both lyrics and music. Really like this and I believe you found the soul of the song with music” – Judy Appel, Mystic Fish Blog (
  8. “Well done! Nice catchy hook on chorus – bravo!” – Zola, Tulip Productions (
  9. “Zane, these songs are both so rich and full.  I just listened once so far and I’m moved again by what a difference in your music when you have a good lyricist.  The phrasing makes sense.  The chord progressions and the places of resonance or tension have meaning within the message of the text so the music and the lyrics work together.  It’s really cool to hear you get to use your abundant talents with someone who can match your level of experience and skill.  Keep going!” – M. Rogers (Music Educator/Songwriter)

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